The Honorable Paul Whorrall

Mayor of the Village of Manlius


Message from the Mayor:

  I’m very pleased with the activities that are happening within the Village of Manlius.  Our Village Board has worked diligently to bring new projects into the Village, and to propose a budget that is both fiscally responsible and adequate to support the infrastructure of the community.  In doing so, the Board has decreased the number of trustees, realigned our office hours, and is currently reviewing our staffing needs and services in order to continue to provide the needed services to the residents and to fall in line with the changes in municipal government.

 We are very proud to see the Madison Row project coming to completion and it is a welcome addition to the entrance of our fine Village.  We are also pleased to welcome a couple new businesses to our community,  Kinney Drug Store in the Madison Row Development, and Murphy’s Specialized Pastries in the Limestone Commons Plaza.

 The Village Board and Planning Board have been working together with various developers and property owners to finalize the approval for some exciting new projects to the Village. I understand that there have been ongoing concerns over vacant and dilapidated properties within the Village, and I assure you that we are on top of it daily, and hopefully these new projects will alleviate many of those concerns.

 This is a busy time for the office staff here at the Village Centre.  Our Clerk/Treasurer and her two Deputy Clerks work diligently processing tax reports, payroll, and permits.  Along with that, comes the daily routine of paying bills, purchasing, Board reports, scheduling, and the handling of questions and complaints.  Most importantly, they are the backbone of this Village.  Through them, information is gathered and disseminated to all the branches of our village government.  They guide, direct and assist every village department, in order for them to safely and effectively provide their services to the residents each and every day.

 The winter months have kept our Department of Public Works very busy.  As usual, the snow continues to fall keeping them on the road plowing and sanding throughout the day and night.  But, much to our dismay, it has been the wind and freezing rain that has plagued the work crews.  Frequent storms that have dropped trees and branches on roadways and sidewalks, along with the numerous tree and brush piles left at the sides of the road by homeowners has caused the DPW crews to abandon their daily duties for emergency cleanup.  I’m very pleased with the work our DPW crews perform on a daily basis, and at the spur of the moment when a storm or emergency hits our community.

 Our Parks and Recreation Department is in full swing for the upcoming year after just completing a wonderful 2014 year with the “Wicked Woods Halloween Event”, “Ski & Skate Sale”, and the “Christmas Tree Lighting with  Santa”.  We are happy to welcome Patty back from maternity leave and congratulate her on a lovely baby daughter.  We would also like to truly thank Casey Kohler for stepping up and covering for Patty while she was on leave.  Casey, you did an outstanding job and made this Village proud.

 The Senior Center keeps our Village Centre hopping, from their exercise classes to their daily luncheons, they fill our hallways and rooms with various activities that show there is still plenty of friendship, camaraderie, and life left as we grow older. 

 Last, but definitely not least is our Fire Department, continuously answering the call in your time of need.  Day in and day out they respond in some of the worst conditions to what is probably your worst moment.  They are true to my heart, because I know up front and personal what they do, what they give up, and how hard they train and dedicate themselves to protect this community.  Right now is a trying time for the men and women of the MFD.  They are looking for the support of the village residents to approve the construction of a new Fire Station that will allow them to live, train and be safe within the confines of their quarters, while providing the most cost effective and efficient fire and EMS service to the residents they protect.

  I understand that there have been various discussions over the pros and cons of this new facility.  I assure you, that the committee made up of; Village Board members, Town of Manlius & Pompey Board members, Engineers, Architects, Fire Chiefs and Firefighters, Village and Town residents, have worked together more than seven years collecting data and doing studies to choose the best location to build one station, that will provide the best resources for the fire service and the best protection for the community.  In doing so, it will provide a facility that will last 50-75 years, and allow us to cut our expenses by maintaining one facility instead of two.

The Village Board supports the dedicated work of the committee, and backs the recommendation proposed through all their hard work to construct a new Fire Station at the intersection of Rt. 92 and Enders Rd.  The Village Board and the Fire Department hope that the residents of the Village of Manlius will also support the recommendation proposed by the committee.

 The Village of Manlius is truly a fine place to live and raise a family.  The services we provide, and the men and women that we employ, are dedicated individuals that work together to keep your Village a place to be proud of.  I’m honored to be your Mayor, and I will continue to work towards bringing new and exciting projects to our community and do what’s best for the Village of Manlius.



Mayor Paul Whorrall


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