The Honorable Paul Whorrall

Mayor of the Village of Manlius


Message from the Mayor:

Spring is struggling to grab ahold here in the Village, but it hasn't stopped our Public Works Department from getting out there raking and cleaning up the debris that winter left us.  Recently, I've noticed several people already out cleaning around their yards and piling brush and branches by the road for pickup.  Please be patient, as our Public Works Department will make every effort to get to your neighborhood as soon as possible to remove your roadside debris.

I would personally like to thank everyone that supported the Village and the Manlius Fire Department in their quest for a new Fire and Emergency Medical Service Facility.  I can assure you that the new fire station will provide our community and our emergency service personnel with a safer and more efficient service.

Just this past week, the Village's Traffic Committee met with the NYS Department of Transportation to discuss numerous concerns with traffic, signaling, crosswalks, and pedestrian safety here in the Village.  After several hours discussing and reviewing the concerns the  Committee raised, and hearing the DOT explain their position and reasons that warrant how traffic flows, the following conclusions were agreed upon on a trial basis for possible future implementation.

1.  Left turn arrow onto Stickley Drive.

2.  Right on red at Arkie Albanese Ave.

3.  Crosswalk relocation and/or pedestrian signaling at Seneca St. & Wesley St.

4.  Single curb cut and entrance/exit at Beat Street location.

5.  Change west bound double lane between North & Franklin St. to one lane and curbside parking 24/7.

6.  Change east bound three lanes back to two lanes between Flume Rd. and Seneca/Fayette intersection.

7.  Change Traffic Control Signal at Flume Rd. & W. Seneca St. (Tops Plaza) to allow better traffic flow for East and West bound travel.

8.  Change all Traffic Control Signaling to allow for more  Village Friendly travel in off peak hours between 10:00pm to 6:00am every day.

Please be cognizant that these changes may begin to take place in the very near future, and I would like everyone to be aware of the changes and to drive safely as the Village implements new signaling and traffic patterns during this trial basis.


Mayor Paul Whorrall  


As a member of the CNY Stormwater Coalition, Mayor Whorrall invites you to participate in the 2015 Stormwater and Water Quality Survey.  This non-scientific study is designed to track baseline stormwater public awareness and to help direct future public education efforts.  The survey takes less than five minutes to complete and will help the Village comply with federal and state sotrmwater regulations.  Please click on the following link to participate in the suvey, and thank you in advance for your time, and your interest. Stormwater Survey


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