Trash & Recycling Instructions

All trash must be in a clear bag, and not exceed 35 LBS per bag. Trash includes food waste, silverware, cups, glassware, dishes, auto glass, mirror glass, plastic toys, Styrofoam, medicine bottles, paint, and driveway sealer cans if empty and dried down.  Please check the OCRRA website for the disposal of light bulbs.

Absolutely no dirt, rocks, or grass clippings. Please do not push trash out prior to the night before trash collection day. 

​White Goods and Metals

All metals can be put out at curbside on your regularly scheduled trash day only. White goods are stoves, ovens, dishwashers, washers, and dryers. There will be a $40.00 removal charge paid to the Village Clerk before air conditioners, refrigerators, and freezers can be picked up. 

All doors must be removed.

​Electronics and Construction Debris

Microwaves, dehumidifiers, televisions, computers, pallets, blocks, ceramics, Porcelain toilet, sink, tub, paneling, lumber, etc. 

must be hauled by a private contractor.

Small household batteries can be collected in orange battery bags. Please place the orange battery bags on the top of your trash bin during the month of July. You may also drop them off at Wegmans all year long.
​Recycling Tips and Guidelines
The Village of Manlius encourages everyone to continue to be vigilant in their recycling efforts. Your commitment to recycle is helping to control the cost of our trash tipping fees, which results in keeping trash stickers off the residential garbage. It also helps preserve our natural resources.

Please visit OCCRA for Recycling and Trash Rules
​Paper Items

Non-soiled newspaper, office paper, magazines, telephone books, catalogs, junk mail, envelopes, brown bags, box board, cardboard, (flattened and plastic liners removed) such as cereal tissue, pet food, detergent, pizza, and gift boxes. Seasonal wrappings, and greeting cards without foil, glitter, or metallic material can also be put in brown bags.

All paper items should be put into brown paper bags or tied neatly into bundles and placed in your recycling bin. 

Trash Sticker Usage Instructions

Trash stickers may be purchases at the Village of Manlius Clerk's Office. Trash stickers are required for all non-residential, non-profit commercial, garbage. Trash stickers must be used for all extra household items such as:

 Ottoman 3 Stickers
 Small Chair 3 Stickers
Night Stand Stickers
End Table Stickers
 3 - Shelf Bookcase Stickers
 5 - Shelf Bookcase Stickers
 Stuffed Chair Stickers
 3 - Drawer Dresser Stickers
 5 - Drawer Dresser Stickers
 Loveseat or Recliner Stickers
 Sofa Couch 10 Stickers
 Hide-a-bed 15 Stickers

 Mattress or Box Spring
There is a twenty-dollar ($20) fee for EACH Mattress and Each Box Spring.
This fee must be paid at the Village Clerk Office BEFORE pick-up.

 Carpet Stickers 
 6x9 size 10 Stickers
12x12 15 Stickers
Car or Truck Tire 20 Stickers