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Sign at the Point

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Rules of for sign board:
 All signs must be exactly 4ft x 8ft, and of durable and weather-resistant material. 
 Signs are for civic events only. ABSOLUTELY no political advertisements or announcements.
 Signs must be erected on Sunday through the following Saturday for a maximum of seven(7) days.
 Signs may not be illuminated.
 Signs must be neatly or professionally painted or printed and contain no brand names or products.
 All signs not removed within 24 hours after event will be subject to a handling charge. 
 Any sign not conforming to the above rules will not be approved. 
 Designation on a per day basis of Side A or side B will be given upon approval of this application on a first come/first serve basis.
 The Village of Manlius will immediately remove any sign erected without complete adherence to these rules. 
 Use of signboard is limited to Village and Village area groups or organizations. 
 The Village of Manlius reserves the right to post Village events throughout the year. 
 You will be notified if there is a conflict with your sign board reservation.


  1. Sign at the Point Side A (Please check Side B if not available)

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  2. Sign at the Point Side B(Please check side A if not available)

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